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Latest Version 2018.12.14
Issued Date 2018-12-14T00:00:00Z
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  • (when deriving another dataset and releasing to the Databus) adding the Databus link to the provenance
  • on your website:
  • in academic publications cite: DBpedia - A Large-scale, Multilingual Knowledge Base Extracted from Wikipedia, J. Lehmann, R. Isele, M. Jakob, A. Jentzsch, D. Kontokostas, P. Mendes, S. Hellmann, M. Morsey, P. van Kleef, S. Auer, and C. Bizer. Semantic Web Journal 6 (2): 167--195 (2015)

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DBpedia is a community project, help us with this dataset:


This dataset was extracted using the wikipedia-dumps available on using the DBpedia Extraction-Framework available at For more technical information on how these datasets were generated, please visit


2018.08.15 to 2018.12.14 - were created as new modular releases, some issues remain:

  • language normalisation to iso codes, zh-min-nan to nan, zh-yue to yue, bat-smg to batsmg (no iso code available)
  • we used rapper 2.0.14 to parse and LC_ALL=C sort to sort and ascii2uni -a U to unescape unicdoe characters
  • link to Wikimedia dump version is missing
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