400: Bad response, 400: Virtuoso 37000 Error SP030: SPARQL compiler, line 11: syntax error at '<' before 'https:' SPARQL query: define sql:big-data-const 0 PREFIX dataid: PREFIX dct: PREFIX rdf: PREFIX foaf: PREFIX rdfs: # Get the information of the latest dataset for a specific artifact SELECT DISTINCT ?label ?desc ?comment ?license ?date ?maxVersion WHERE { ?dataset dataid:artifact . ?dataset dct:hasVersion ?maxVersion. ?dataset rdfs:label ?label. ?dataset dct:description ?desc. ?dataset rdfs:comment ?comment. ?dataset dct:issued ?date. ?dataset dct:license ?license. { SELECT ?artifact (max(?version) as ?maxVersion) WHERE { ?dataset dataid:artifact . ?dataset dct:hasVersion ?version . } GROUP BY ?artifact } }